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Junior Research Group Statistical Ecotoxicology – Dr. Magdalena Mair

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Junior Research Group Statistical Ecotoxicology

Risk assessment is key to determining the impact of anthropogenic pollutants on ecosystems. Developing reliable tools for environmental risk assessment is a challenging task in itself. Given the wide variety of pollutants and their diverse set of characteristics and properties, this task becomes even more complex. How can we draw reliable conclusions about effects in natural ecosystems based on lab experiments? How can we use species and pollutant traits to extrapolate from standard test organisms to all the species we want to protect in contaminated habitats? To what extent can we predict the toxicity of untested substances based on the ecotoxicity data we have? How can we validate our extrapolations and predictions? And how can we use in silico methods and automated analyses to reduce time investment while improving  data coverage and predictive performance?

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